Sweden: Graduate Student Position at KTH in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems

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Graduate Student Position at KTH in Software
Engineering of Distributed Systems

The department of
Electronics, Computer and Software Systems at KTH
(Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)
seeks applicants for a graduate student position in
the area of Software Engineering of Distributed
Systems. The studies are initially directed towards
the degree of T.Lic. with the intention to continue
towards T.Dr. (Ph.D).
The student will initially perform his/her studies
in the context of the EU-IST funded project
ROBOSWARM (Knowledge Environment for Interacting
ROBOt SWARMs). Expected project start is November

The general objective of the project is to develop
an open knowledge environment for self-configurable,
low-cost and robust robot swarms usable in everyday
applications. Advances in the state-of-the art of
networked robotics are proposed through introduction
of a local and global knowledge base using ontology
and semantic for ad hoc communication within a
low-cost swarm of autonomous robots operating in the
surrounding smart IT infrastructure. The work will
address the development of flexible, cost-effective,
dependable, and user-driven robot swarms, which
possess a higher intelligence collectively than each
member of the swarm independently.
The project’s part covered by the position includes
work on universal semantically machine
understandable representation and communication
format, global robotic Web services, coordination
and decision making.

The appointment will be full time for an initial
duration of 24 months, with
the possibility of renewal. It will include 80%
research and 20% teaching assistance or other
department duties.

Required Qualifications

A master or equivalent
degree in computer science or a strongly related
area is required. Knowledge of Semantic Web,
Ontology, Web services and agent technology is
desirable. To address its varied work, KTH aims to
employ a diversity of talent and thus welcomes
applicants who will add to the variety of the
University, especially as concerns its gender
structure. Knowledge of the Swedish language is not
a pre-requisite.


Application including CV and detailed information on education and a reference should be submitted to

Kungl Tekniska H�gskolan
R-M L�venstig
Electrum 229
S-164 40 Kista, Sweden.

Deadline for application is October 30, 2006
State the reference number I-2006-0754

Further information, please contact Professor Mihhail Matskin misha@imit.kth. se

Department’s Website: http://www.ict.kth.se/ECS/indexeng.html

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