Singapore: PhD Research Scholarships, National University of Singapore

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The Asia Research Institute is pleased to offer Ph.D. research
scholarships from August 2007 in the following interdisciplinary areas:


The PhD scholarship is to be taken up jointly with the appropriate
discipline-based department. This would normally be with a department of
the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, but where appropriate could
also be with the Faculty of Law, School of Business or School of Design
& Environment at the National University of Singapore.

Interested applicants are required to submit their application to ARI at
the address stated below by 15 NOVEMBER 2006, indicating clearly both
which ARI interdisciplinary area they wish to join and which department
they would be attached to. Application procedures and forms can be
obtained from the NUS website via this URL:

Applicants must use the application forms in the respective Faculty
websites depending on the Faculty to which they wish to seek admission.

Research at ARI currently focuses on the following areas or "clusters":
1) The Changing Family cluster (Research Leader: Professor Gavin Jones)
focuses on changing family forms, roles and structures in Asian
societies, as other institutions take over some family functions, low
fertility, delayed marriage and longevity transform family composition,
and labour market realities and changing gender relations affect
internal family dynamics.

2) The Migration cluster (Research Leader: Professor Brenda Yeoh)
explores the issues arising from increased levels of human mobility in
the region, both within and across national borders. Mobility of
high-level professional and managerial personnel, labour migration, both
documented and undocumented, and human trafficking all raise theoretical
and methodological questions and major policy issues, as does the role
of migration in urban change.

3) The Religion and Globalisation cluster (Research Leader: Professor
Bryan Turner) explores the changing patterns of religious practice,
belief and identity in recent times, particularly in Southeast Asia,
China and South Asia. The title implies a particular interest in
transnational and diasporic interactions, the engagement with modern
technologies and values, and new global or ‘glocal’ forms of identity.

4) The Cultural Studies cluster (Research Leader: Professor Chua Beng
Huat) consciously challenges disciplinary boundaries to address new
topics, issues and concerns thrown up by the rapid globalization of
contemporary cultures. ARI is interested in new understandings of the
everyday life cultural practices of contemporary Asia, as in adaptations
of older patterns in literature, and the performing and graphic arts, in
rapidly changing contemporary conditions.

5) The Southeast Asia-China interactions cluster (Research Leader:
Professor Anthony Reid) explores both historical and contemporary themes
that are bringing East and Southeast Asia closer together, and is
interested in any mix of the political, economic, cultural or social.
Southeast Asian Archaeology (Research Leader: Associate Professor John
Miksic) also comes under this cluster. The archaeology research group
focuses on problems connected with early historic sites of Southeast
Asia and major topics such as early trade; urbanization; maritime
archaeology; intercommunication between sites; and ceramics as
indicators of spheres of cultural and economic interaction.

ARI is a university-level institute formed in July 2001 as one of the
strategic initiatives of the NUS. The mission of the Institute is to
produce and promote world-class research on Asia. ARI engages the social
sciences and humanities broadly defined, and encourages especially
multidisciplinary studies. Now home to six research clusters with a
strong team of resident and visiting scholars, ARI works closely with
the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Business, Faculty of
Law, and School of Design and Environment in NUS.

Human Resources
c/o Ms Verene Koh
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
AS7, Level 4, 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
Fax: (65) 6779 1428

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