Poland: Master of Arts in Development Economics Fellowships

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M.A.D.E. Fellowships

Warsaw University, Faculty of Economics (Poland)

Master of Arts in Development Economics is a new graduate programme at
Warsaw University Faculty of Economics. It has been initiated by the
co-operation between the Chair of Development Economics and United
Nations Development Programme bureau in Poland.

What is it?

Master of Arts in Development Economics is a two-year (four-semester)
graduate programme. The aim of this programme is to provide necessary
foundations in economics and policy design to future development
specialists and advisors in international and governmental development
agencies as well as non-governmental organisations. Master of Arts in
Development Economics Programme is supported by the Representative of
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Poland, and meets
educational standards of teaching development economics at European and
American universities.

Why do we do it?

The demand for experts in the field of development will be growing in
the coming years, as the understanding of the important role of
institutions dealing with international development organisations is
growing in both aid receiving and aid providing countries. Highly
qualified professional staff is needed everywhere where aid strategies
are being developed, where reforms in market organisation and social
policies are implemented, while within the local authorities there is
growing recognition of the role external advisors can play in these

Who do we do it for?

Graduate of the Master of Arts in Development Economics (MADE) programme
will acquire a thorough knowledge in the field of economics and
development policies and hands-on experience with various analytical
tools for project analysis in the field of infrastructure development,
education, healthcare and social policy. Graduates will learn how to
make individual decisions and solve problems associated with
identification of development goals and their management, as well as
assessment, by using quantitative and qualitative analysis. These skills
are essential while working for both international institutions (United
Nations and its agendas, World Bank, OECD, European Commission etc.), as
well as public administration and research centres in particular
countries. The Master of Arts in Development Economics programme also
constitutes a very good starting point for Ph.D. studies.


The necessary prerequisite is a Bachelor’s degree (preferably in the
field of economic or social sciences and liberal arts). We also require
a certificate of competence in English (both written and spoken,
standardised test like CPE or TOEFL are welcome). Admission is based on
following documents: (a) transcript of records for all undertaken
subjects (translated into either English or Polish if documents were
issued in other languages), (b) motivation letter demonstrating
candidate’s interests and predispositions to begin second-degree studies
within MADE programme, (c) two reference letters from academic advisors
(optionally). Documents should reach the Faculty by June the 26th 2006
for the first round of the qualification. The second round is expected
in mid-September.

All information available at:

Cross POst

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