New Zealand: New Zealand International Undergraduate Scholarships

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Funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New
Zealand, the New Zealand International Undergraduate Scholarships
(NZIUS) are a significant educational opportunity.

The Scholarships provide financial support by way of international
tuition fees for eligible students from designated localities who are
undertaking undergraduate study at New Zealand institutions.
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit.

A World Class Opportunity

New Zealand institutions
provide the opportunity to study under internationally recognised
academics and researchers in a range of disciplines. A qualification
from a New Zealand institution ranks with the best internationally.

New Zealand degrees have a reputation globally for being practical,
modern and desirable. In some niche areas such as biotechnology,
forensic science and marine engineering, New Zealand degrees are
acknowledged as being world leading. Students educated in the New
Zealand education environment are earning a reputation as a new breed
of innovative thinkers and are enjoying success the world over.

Educational Partnership

The New Zealand International
Undergraduate Scholarships reflect the New Zealand Government’s
commitment to deepening New Zealand’s educational partnerships with
participating countries and regions.

The New Zealand education system provides students with the
knowledge and skills to achieve results equal to the world’s best. The
scholarship programme is about sharing this excellence with the rest of
the world, and bringing the best from elsewhere to share their
knowledge with New Zealand.

Up to 28 scholarships will be awarded for students undertaking
undergraduate study in the 2006 New Zealand academic year. Students are
to submit their applications to the designated agency in their country
of citizenship. They will then nominate a set number of candidates to
Education New Zealand for final selection.

Eligibility Criteria 2005 & 2006

All candidates for
the NZIUS must meet the eligibility criteria set out in the attached
‘NZIUS Terms and Conditions’ document below. Please note that
additional country-specific criteria may apply.

NZIUS Terms and Conditions

The selection process for study in 2006 is currently underway and successful and unsuccessful applications will be advised soon.

The selection process for 2006, for scholarships to be taken up in academic year 2007, will be announced in due course.

Students from Cambodia, Hong Kong, Lao, Macau, Myanmar and The
Philippines were not eligible to apply for the Undergraduate
Scholarships in 2005, but may become eligible in 2006 for study in
2007. Details will be announced in due course.

Should you have any questions regarding the New Zealand
International Undergraduate Scholarships , please contact the Education
New Zealand Scholarships Manager at


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