1 PhD Student in Plan Coordination for Multi-agent Systems (Computer Science / Artificial Intellige

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1 PhD Student in Plan Coordination for Multi-agent Systems (Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence)

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

++ Job description ++
There exists a vacancy for a Ph.D. student position (AIO) in a joint
project "Task  Coordination for Non-cooperative Agents", to be
carried out at both the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and
Computer Science (EWI) of TU-Delft, and in the Theme Group
"Computational Intelligence and Multi-agent Games" of CWI Amsterdam.
The project is funded by NWO, the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research.

The aim of this project is to address task coordination problems in
multi-agent systems that arise if a complex task consisting of a set of
interrelated subtasks has to be solved by a number of non-cooperative
actors (self-interested agents or competitive companies).
Typical examples are multi-modal transportation problems, where
different transportation companies are involved in bringing goods
and/or passengers to their destinations, and patient health care
systems, where a sequence of treatments has to be assigned to different
parties. The research can be characterized as fundamental with a clear
eye on the applications.

The PhD student at TU-Delft will concentrate on Plan coordination
methods for complex tasks. Plan coordination methods are required
whenever a complex task has to be performed by several planning agents
each taking responsibility for a subset of the total set of tasks.
Since in a complex task, several dependencies exist between the
subtasks, these dependencies are distributed among the agents,
preventing them to plan autonomously. The idea of the research project
is to come up with algorithms and heuristics to identify and to
distribute suitable constraints that can to be added to the complex
task such that autonomous planning is ensured.

Keywords are distributed planning, coordination, self-interested systems.

++ Project ++

In the project two PhD’s (CWI-Amsterdam and TU-Delft) will cooperate on
the problem how to interleave the plan coordination and task allocation
process, in order to find less costly solutions to the problem, and
they will apply these methods in a multi-modal transportation as well
as a patient-health care case.

++ Requirements ++
Required education/skills: University Graduate. Candidates are expected
to have a university degree (MSc) in computer science, artificial
intelligence, economics, or similar discipline; good communication
skills, in written as well as spoken English. He or she must be
open-minded and capable of working independently and in a small team.
Job type(s): Ph.D. students, research trainees, non-tenured lecturers, researchers (Scientific expertise: Computer Science)

++  Organization ++
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
website:   http://www.tudelft.nl

++ Conditions of employment ++
Maximum salary amount in Euro’s a month:  2394.
Employment basis:   Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract:   Period of 4 years
Maximum hours per week:  38
Additional conditions of employment:  According Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) Dutch Universities.

++ Additional Information ++
Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:
Dr. Cees Witteveen, TU-Delft,
Tel. +31 (0)15 278 2521
Email: C.Witteveen@tudelft.nl

++ Application ++

You can apply for this job before April 1, 2005 by sending your application to:

Delft University of Technology
Faculty EEMCS
attn: Dr. C. Witteveen
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands

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