Ph.D. position at Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven

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Ph.D. position at Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Parameterized model order reduction for variability in design

In the RF domain, design is becoming more and more layout driven.
Electromagnetic (EM) solvers are used to model and simulate such layout
structures. In order to be of practical use, the information obtained in this
way must be translated into an equivalent electronic circuit. This translation
requires the use of Model Order Reduction (MOR), a numerical technique to
reduce models from extremely large size to moderate and small size. The
1resulting model describes the dominant electromagnetic interactions for this
fixed geometrical layout structure.

MOR techniques have successfully been implemented in EM simulation tooling,
resulting in small, passive and stable models, suitable for circuit
simulation. Recent publications show developments in the area of Parameterized
Model Order Reduction (PMOR). A very active group is found in Canada, centered
around Prof. Michel Nakhla. Another group is found at MIT in the USA, with
Jacob White as one of the main contributors. In Antwerpen, Prof. Tom Dhaene
has published a number of papers on parameterized model order
reduction. Prof. Silveira (Lisbon) is an expert both in the field of
variability and in the field of model order reduction, and he has published
several papers on this issue.

The project will consist of developing and applying suitable PMOR techniques
in EM simulation, so as to satisfy the needs and requirements for
parameterized models for layout structures. In this way, designers can avoid
the time-consuming manual construction of models. The models incorporate
effects that describe changes in the layout. These models must also be
combined with statistical procedures for investigating the effects of
variability in designs.


  • Knowledge of / affinity with electronics design
  • Profound knowledge of numerical methods

The position will be a 4-year Ph.D. position at Philips Research Laboratories,
situated on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The region
around Eindhoven is very active in the electronics industry, with main centres
in Leuven (IMEC) and Aachen nearby. There is a close cooperation with
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven).

Candidates interested in the position are invited to contact the project
leader, Prof. Wil Schilders (Philips Research and TU Eindhoven) by email:

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